Think Booth

For over 125 years, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business has been a birthplace for bold ideas. We are the home of the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in business and created the first executive MBA program in the world. Our discipline-based approach has helped our business school faculty win a record 10 Nobel Prizes for their groundbreaking research—fostering a constantly evolving, innovative curriculum.

In 2024, we launch ten new open-enrollment programs to support your professional growth and development goals. We've added more flexibility by offering several of the new programs at a Chicago Booth campus of your choice—Chicago, London, and Hong Kong.

In addition, we are thrilled to introduce the Global Advanced Finance Program, an exclusive Chicago Booth finance certificate program that awards alumni status upon completing the two-year learning journey. The certificate program features several new electives taught by renowned Chicago Booth finance faculty across our global campuses, which allows executives to expand their networking opportunities while learning the Chicago Approach™ to business.

We continue to provide custom-designed programs tailored to meet your organization's unique challenges, as well as offer group enrollment benefits to maximize your team's experience. Our enrollment advisors are ready to work with you to support your education budgets while remaining true to specific learning objectives.

Explore our comprehensive catalog, and contact us at +1.312.464.8732 or [email protected] for a consultation.

*You may also view a short listing of our new programs by visiting here.


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